Fibre Optic, Data, Communications

We’re licensed and registered data cabling installers insured to supply, install, repair, maintain and service all your data/network cabling requirements including fibre optic.

Hiscocks Electrical provide a full offering to include the design and installation any type of fibre and data cables loose tube and tight buffered OM1, OM2 & OM3 Multi mode and OS1, OS2 Single mode fibres, CAT 5e, CAT6, CAT6a. All our cable is terminated by our experienced technicians using the vast array of connectors available on the market today for example: ST, SC, LC,RJ45 etc. We install anything from simple patch cables to large multi core loose tube cable used for rodent protection in underground environments.

Advantages of fibre

  • Fibre can run over a very long distance.
  • Fibre offers high security.
  • Fibre allows for a higher bandwidth.
  • Fibre can be run along with other services without affecting the data for example, electrical cables, lift motors, production machinery.
  • Ideal as a backbone cable to link up network hubs.

Typical site works include businesses, offices, hospitals and allied healthcare, commerce, defence, aviation, industrial, government departments, schools and other educational institutions

Hiscocks Electrical are able to offer a full warranty on our cable installations following a complete test using the latest equipment, together with full listing of results.

Having issues with your existing data cabling ????

Give us a call, our technicians will test your installations and recommend where appropriate a fix.